Medicines From The Land (Formerly known as Hunter the Trapper) is a 2SLGBTQ+ Métis owned, family run small business located in Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario. Specializing in Homegrown & Wild Herbal Medicines, Antler Jewelry and Deer hides. 


About Us 


Hunter Cascag is a Non-Binary - Trans - Two Spirit person of mixed Georgian Bay Metis and European settler ancestries. Their father is from Honey Harbour, a community located within the heart of “Muskoka”- Southern Georgian Bay - a part of Lake Huron. 


Since moving home, Hunter has been learning about hunting and trapping practices from the men in their family. They've also been learning the foundations of brain and smoke hide tanning. 


Hunter is a plant medicine practitioner, grower and experienced harvester training in "clinical herbalism" to better serve community. 


Hunter makes Medicines from the Land products and manages sales, website and social media. 


Beze Gray is Two Spirit/Non Binary/Trans Anishinaabe/Lenape/Oneida land and water protector from Aamjiwnaang First Nation on the St. Claire River in Southern Ontario - a part of Lake Huron. They are passionate about environmental justice, language and land based culture. 


Beze designs labels and posters for the business and helps with harvesting and sales. '


Hunter and Beze do hide tanning and Maple sugar bushing together for Medicines from the Land.


We love working on all the stages that go into bringing you our unique, handmade and authentic products. When you support us, you're supporting 2SLGBTQ+ indigenous lifeways. Thank you for your support. 


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