• Proudly Made by Two-Spirit, Trans Indigenous Earthworkers •


3oz Bag of freshly made Maple Sugar harvested in the Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking sugar bush in Southern Georgian Bay in 2021!


Maple sugar is a traditional indigenous food staple in the Great Lakes. Delicious & nutritious natural sugar!


Excellent sprinkled on top of desserts, on top of baked fish, in coffee, tea, in wild rice, in a "rub" for wild meat and other feast food! Maple sugar is a traditional seasoning in the Great Lakes Region etc.


Made through traditional Anishinaabe harvesting practices and relationship to ninaatigwook - maple tree relatives - during ziinzibaakwadke giizis - or ziisbaakdoke giizis - the Maple sugaring moon.


Harvested in aluminum buckets.


Every maple tree is greeted - visited - acknowledged - thanked - each Maple sap water collection.

Maple Sugar by Sugar Daddies