Pain Relief Salve Duo!


A fresh batch of both our pain-relieving salve!


Receive a 1-ounce Poplar Bud Bear Fat Salve &  a 1-ounce Wintergreen Bear Fat Salve!


Poplar Buds are harvested at the end of sugar bushing & infused in bear oil for 8 months to bring you this luxuriously potent salve that helps with sore joints/ muscles & helps reduce inflammation in these areas!


Wintergreen Bear Fat Salve is made using fresh harvested wintergreen leaves. Wintergreen helps relieve sore muscles, achy joints & inflammation with its analgesic & numbing properties. 


Bear fat is soothing & moisturizing. It helps relieve sore joints, stiffness & swelling. 


Wild harvested in small batches in Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada


Homemade bear oil


See individual product descriptions for more details about each salve!

Pain Relief Salve Duo!