This variety of Smudging Sage is native and naturalized in the Great Lakes Region!


Harvested in Small Batches • Handpicked • Dried • Packaged in 2022 in Southern Georgian Bay, ON


Please Note: "Prairie Smudging Sage" is the common plant name we were given for this variety of smudging sage. This common name is not the Botanical Name for this variety of smudging sage.

Recommendations for Longer Lasting Smudge: (Please share if you find this helpful)


• Place a palm’s worth of loose smudging sage leaves in the palm of your hand and roll them between both your palms to create a small ball. You can also place loose leaves in your smudge vessel and burn them as is.


• 24 g Resealable Bag • Freshness Guaranteed! •

Smudging Sage