This variety of Smudging Sage is native and naturalized in the Great Lakes Region!


Harvested in Small Batches • Handpicked • Dried • Packaged By @aaoodsokawing_mtigwaaking & Hunter the Trapper gardens 2021 //

Southern Georgian Bay


Please Note: "Prairie Smudging Sage" is the common plant name we were given for this variety of smudging sage from a Metis Earthworker in Tkaronto. This common name is not! the Latin Botanical Name for this variety of smudging sage.  


Recommendations for Longer Lasting Smudge: (Please share if you find this helpful)


• Place a palm’s worth of loose smudging sage leaves in the palm of your hand and roll them between both your palms to create a small ball. You can also place loose leaves in your smudge vessel and burn them as is.


• Freshly harvested in small batches in June 2021 @ Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking Gardens! •


• 24 g Resealable Bag • Freshness Guaranteed! •

Smudging Sage