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1 Poplar Bud & Castor Salve (0.5 oz)


Benefits: Poplar Bud sap helps with sore joints and muscles and helps reduce inflammation in these areas. Poplar bud infused oil has a distinctly warming energy. When applied topically to sore muscles, sprains, and strains, or arthritic joints, it has a soothing and pain-relieving effect. It is also an expectorant and wonderful as a chest rub for damp coughs.


1 Wintergreen Bear Fat Salve (1 oz)


Benefits: Helps relieve sore muscles, achy joints, and inflammation with its analgesic and numbing properties. Wintergreen is closely related to aspirin.


1 St John's Wort Flower Skin Cream (2 oz amber glass jar)


Benefits: Helps wounds, scrapes, and scars to heal more rapidly and diminishes the appearance of fine lines/ scars.


1 Calendula & Tobacco Blossom Body Butter (2 oz)


Benefits: Hydrates and Nourishes your hands, Fast absorbing, Helps heal wounds faster, Reduces Scarring


* All herbs harvested at our home garden & Wild Harvested in Small Batches in Southern Georgian Bay *

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