Wood Betony Glycerite Tincture 


Wood Betony (Stachys officinalis) Infused in Vegetable Glycerine & Distilled Water (Alcohol free tincture) 


Tinctures offer a conevenient & acute way for taking herbal medicines! 


Wood Betony helps ease anxiety, depression and stress. It is excellent for digestive distress caused by nervous tension, anxiety, and depression. It can stimulate weak digestion while it also soothes and calms. It can be great for easing the symptoms of inflammatory digestive conditions.


Caution: *Not* suitable for those who take Medication for High Blood Pressure as they interact. 


Take 1-2 droppers full daily

For best results, take minimum 2-3 (+) times per week 


2 oz amber glass bottle 


Plants harvested in small batches from Mtigwaaking Gitigaan 2020 

Wood Betony Glycerite

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